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The Human Movement

It is in our human nature to traverse the globe to peruse the unknown and learn about new places and people. here at the human movement we encourage exploration and education. with an open mind and an open heart, there's no limit to what we can learn!

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our mission is to help you achieve your English language learning goals in the most efficient way possible. Helping you get that job or that raise you deserve. we do so by creating customized lessons based on your specific needs all while receiving thoughtful and compassionate, one on one tutoring.

Meet the Instructor

Gregory is a certified Level 5 ESL/EFL instructor with a specialty certification in tutoring from the international tefl academy. this is a 170 hour program completed over 11 weeks online with a mandatory 20 hours of practicum physically teaching or tutoring. Gregory completed his practicum requirement with Interlink at Montana State University. Gregory has since continued to work with Interlink since completing his practicum in June of 2024.

Gregory's previous work experience years of culinary and hospitality management, carpentry, and business management. Managing various types of business has provided Gregory with experience not only training and teaching employees how to do specific jobs but also how to structure training lessons.

Gregory enjoys studying Spanish in his spare time as  him and His family travel to south America frequently for vacation. Gregory has first hand experience speaking a new language in a new country and this compassion is incorporated into his tutoring style. Gregory also enjoys snow boarding, kayaking, whitewater rafting, camping with his family, and gaming. start a conversation with Gregory today by filling out the form below

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