About Me

Greetings!  I’m Jonathan and during my 23 years serving in the Army, I developed a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals.  Through becoming an Army Master Fitness Trainer and on the path to a Bachelors in Exercise Science, I have learned that the path to health and fitness is far more complex than picking up heavy things and putting them down.  Having seen firsthand the acute and chronic injuries from poorly developed training plans (as well as experiencing my own) my focus is not only on guiding you to achieve your health and fitness goals, but providing you with a foundation that will provide you the quality of life that you want and deserve for the long haul!  A proper fitness regime can provide cognitive benefits that reach beyond how you look and feel, by improving confidence and how you interact with others, as well as achieving goals in other aspects of your life.  It all starts with the first step...the good news is you don't have to take that first step alone!